Here’s How I Make My Thin Eyebrows Look Fuller


My eyebrows have been through a lot. From tweezing to shaving, you name it, I have done it. It’s been hard to get to their normal shape, and hence I have started relying on makeup to do its job for them.

Through proper makeup, you can make drastic changes to your brain. Here’s how you can make your eyebrows look fuller:

#1 Brush your eyebrows into their maximum shape

A day of wear and tear can push your eyebrow hair to a slump state. Through proper brushing, you can make add a minimal definition to your arches.

#2 Tweeze out excess hair out

In the pursuit of fuller eyebrow, you need to make sure they have the perfect definition. Hence: tweeze the excess out and make sure you have a base to work your eyebrow gel upon.

#3 Fill your eyebrows with a tinted gel

There are no secrets to a fuller bush, it is all about the simple application of tinted eyebrow gel. Now that you have brushed the edges out, fill the gel in by taking the lead of the arch.

#4 Highlight you upper eyebrow bone

The final pop that you can give to your eyebrow is to highlight beneath it. Just put a bit of highlighter and you will have a decent forehead with fuller eyebrows.

I love a good eyebrow game, and I hope these tricks work out for you too.

Love, Shavy!