Healthy Comfort Food Recipes To Have When You Are Sick


These dominant recipes are for comforting you while also encouraging your immune system. They’ll carry you on your feet this brisk and flu season. Check them out!

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric is a great root. This spice finds its use in most Indian recipes. Turmeric has various medicinal goods. Firstly it helps raise your immune system and further bloodstream throughout the body. It is further said to reduce cholesterol levels and limits your sugar falls in check. So next time you have a cold, you should shoot this drink. It does help.

Spiced Tea

Add a few tulsi leaves, a portion of ginger and a hint of black pepper while making your tea. These three elements play a fundamental role in fighting the common cold and cough.

Adrak Ka Halwa

If you have a severe cough that protests to go, scrape some ginger, fry it in desi ghee, add some sugar to appreciate and eat half a spoon of it three times a time. Avoid it if you go through piles.

Brown Rice Khichdi

Brown rice and lentils pack a major nutritional punch and the inclusion of immune-supporting ginger, garlic, and chilli makes this khichdi one of the strongest things to eat when you’re sick.

Besan Ka Sheera

Besan ka sheera is the most powerful remedy for curing cough and cold. Heat half tablespoon ghee, one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of gram flour in a pan. Stir till gram flour is roasted.