HBO Greenlights “House Of The Dragon”


After the disappointing news of Bloodmoon being canceled (One of the five Game Of Thrones spinoffs), we simultaneously have a piece of good news. HBO has ordered ten episodes for the first season of House Of The Dragon. The spinoff show will be based on GRR Martin’s book “Fire and Blood.” House of The Dragon will follow the story of The Targaryan family three hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Miguel Sapochnik will be directing the pilot and essential episodes of the show. Miguel Sapochnik has been excellent with directing one of the highest-rated episodes of Game Of Thrones, such as Hardhome, Battle of The Bastards, The Long Night, and many more. I believe HBO’s faith in Miguel Sapochnik will be well paid off.

Us fans need a dose of the Song of Ice And Fire, and GRR Martin has written plenty of stuff for us to explore. If they had followed the Game of thrones books entirely, the show could have run for atleast two more seasons and the end would be satisfying for all of us. GRR Martin himself said he was disappointed in the writing of the last season and that he has written a very different conclusion to his series (Which is yet to be published).

As per my knowledge, the show will be set amid a civil war and the rise of the Targaryan family. All the reigns and their conquests, new and old kings, coups, and dragons. I think it will make a pretty badass of a series, and it will gain a lot of attention worldwide.