Has Your Doc Told You To Eat Less Salt… Ever Wondered Why?


Like me, few of you guys while having an encounter with your doctor might have been knocked out with instruction “dude” you should cut down your intake of salts. Well, s/he is right anything you eat beyond your bar is unhealthy for you and your condition.

Salt is a natural compound that is frequently adopted to season food. Too much salt is dangerous for you, but how often is it too high? Let’s have a further glance.

Why salt is bad for you? The straightforward claim is that salt is linked with higher blood pressure. The volume of salt you eat has an intended effect on your blood pressure. The sequence of salt, sugar, and fat is unbelievably tasty. The extent of salt we are undertaking nowadays is significant beyond what we were humbled to have in our diets.

Salt makes our bodies carry on to water. If we ingest very much salt, the extra water accumulated in our bodies lead to an increase in blood pressure. So, the higher the salt we eat, the higher the blood pressure.

The greater our blood pressure, the higher the stress on our heart, tubes, kidneys, and head. This can contribute to heart attacks, shocks, dementia, and kidney disease.

For us, humans, cutting down these white stuff are far more demanding than what we can imagine. But at the end of the day, we have to live for our health not tongue.