Hair Products For All The Workout Freaks Out There


One of my resolutions of new years was squeezing in an effective workout every single day. And although this is going wonderfully, the one unexpected struggle that I am facing right now is Oily hair.

Being in a professional setting the entire day, I can’t afford to have sticky hair, nor can I wash them every single day. And so, I have resorted to these quick products, as a way to make up for serious issues that are caused by sweaty hair.

#1 Oribe Serene Scalp Exfoliating Scrub

You don’t need a shampoo anymore to curb the dirt in your hair. What you need is a solid scrub, which is Oribe’s. After a wild workout, just scrub the product on your scalp. The microbeads in the product will form a protective layer on your scalp, making it resistant to sweat.

#2 Kitsch Satin Pillow

Not only do they make your bed look luxurious, but they also are really good for the texture for your hair. Silk pillowcases extend blowout and maintain the gentle touch of the hair, as they don’t absorb any products. They may look like a splurge, but they are totally worth it.

#3 Dyson Hair Dryer

What can I even say about this precious gift of mine? This incredible machine is the reason I never stress about my hair. Get it. And a caution from my side: Don’t use it on a high heat and get good tools with it.

#4 Kitsch Satin Bands

Trust me, these are the magic you were looking for. The satin bands pull out easily and are great for your hair. The material on them does not tangle, which is really the last thing you want after a long day.

While these may look like a splurge, I think they are all worth it.

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