Get Rid Of Hangover With These Recipes


No one likes waking up with a throbbing head, dry mouth because of Hangovers– most of us have been there. While we can’t guarantee that any of these “cures” will work, the only thing you have to lose is that pounding headache.

If you’re drunk in France, you’re lucky that you’ve gotten yourself a hangover in the land of dairy and carbs. Get a croissant and some café au lait, which will both soak up a lot of the bad stuff lurking in your belly and give you a little jolt of caffeine besides.

Menudo is a thick soup made with tripe and peppers and cilantro, which will settle your hash and give you a boost of energy to power through the worst of it.

If you’re in Russia, you’ve to hunt down some Kvashenaya Kapusta, which is sauerkraut prepared from spoiled cabbage.

Had too much to liquor in Japan? Drink down a bowl of shijimi miso soup, which is prepared with dashi (stock made from dried fish), miso paste, and shijimi clams. If your belly is already giving donuts, I understand being reluctant to eat clams but count on me; it’ll build character.

In Italy, the traditional headache remedy is dense, tan espresso. It’s finest when combined with water, not because caffeine dehydrates you, but because just about everything in the morning after going wasted is best when mated with a thing that’ll rehydrate you.