Get Excited For ‘IT’, As Pennywise Gets More Disturbing In Chapter 2


Good news alert, guys! If you’re reading this, I have some excellent news for you (expecting you all to be IT fans). Exhibitor Relations Co., Box-Office authority since 1974, tweeted, and I quote, “disturbing violent content and bloody images throughout, pervasive language, and some crude sexual material” concerning IT: Chapter Two as the movie officially received an R Rating.

You guys heard it right. The horrifying clown, Pennywise, promises to make the IT sequel and last chapter a lot more spooky, and violent. Also, you can now relish on those gory images to your heart’s content.

An R Rating means the rating is Restricted and those under the age of 17 years need to be accompaniment by their parents or guardians.

That is wonderful if you want the sequel close to the original novel penned down by Stephen King in 1986. Many fans were disappointed as the first installment revolved entirely around the seven kids, which was not all that King’s novel was about. However, things seem to get interesting in the latest one.

With a cast including the likes of James McAvoy, I sure am hooked onto what’s going to be served in around a month. In an interview at the SDCC, Jessica Chastain was vocal about the gory scenes in the sequel, also suggesting it is “Carrie on steroids.”

We can all expect the film to become a lot scarier than the Chapter One, two years back, because the original characters have now turn into adults, showing a nearly 3 decade timelapse in this September’s release.

Chapter Two revolves around Derry in Maine, Stephen King’s fictional town, and members of the Losers’ Club reunite there after 27 years. They return in the wake of Pennywise’s reappearance, to fulfil the promise they made as kids.

This one’s a real chiller-thriller, folks. And I expect to break a lot of records. And make new ones. Until then, make sure the clown doesn’t break that window glass!