Gemini Man Could Be A Disappointing Collaboration Between Will Smith And Ang Lee


In less than fifteen days, the new Ang Lee movie Gemini man will hit the theatres. The film is a collaborative effort of Hollywood’s best of the best. Ang Lee Directing, Will Smith in a double role, and the writer is none other than David Benioff; the praised and criticized creator of Game Of Thrones.

There are two trailers online, and none of them impresses me so far. I mean the idea is excellent but was Ang Lee the right choice to direct? He is a great filmmaker, no doubt, but his style is quite different from an action film director.

Ang Lee’s take on The Hulk was appreciative, but after watching the trailer of Gemini man, it felt like an emotional journey rather than a science fiction film. Will Smith’s acting performance was not upto the mark also. The only guy acting with his true potential was Clive Owen.

Gemini man is a story of one assassin who is running for his life from a like-minded hunter. After a while, he realizes that his predator is no one else but his clone. The idea is good enough, but the approach was not intense.

It could be too soon to tell, but from the looks of it; it will be a disaster. I am sure the movie will be insightful towards the human mind and the darkness behind it, we can only wait till 11th October.