Garnier Men PowerWhite Antipollution Brightening Moisturiser Review


It’s no enigma; guys like to keep things basic as simple. But as men grow up, they understand they require products more often to maintain their skin feeling fresh and healthy. Just like women, yeah. Applying a facial moisturizer doesn’t have to take away from your masculinity.

Today, we start reviewing one such product from Garnier Men- PowerWhite Antipollution Brightening Moisturiser. Time to bade goodbye to your regular moisturizer?

Let’s find out.

This product acts as a moisturizer, which means it protects your skin feeling hydrated. It’s like providing your parched lips with a drink of water.

I have been using Garnier men products for a long time now, and I have encountered no issues with them yet. This being a different launch from Garnier, and like always, it doesn’t disappoint. It makes your face brighter and also shields from UV for a long time as you venture out for your daily chores.

It seems to moisturize without feeling greasy or heavy; on the contrary, it is effectively smooth. It also offers you a glaze of protection, a prerequisite for everyone who shaves regularly or spends an abundance of time outdoors.

What I admire the most is the calming feeling it leaves on the face post application, thanks to menthol.

This product also concentrates on cell repair with its enriched brightening lemon extracts. The ingredient benefits skin whitening and revives stressed skin, proceeding in a sharp look.

Overall, this moisturiser from Garnier Men helps in maintains your skin active. I’d rate it a 4/5 and definitely recommend you one.