Ford v Ferrari Will Be The Ultimate Racing Blockbuster


When I hear these two names, Ford or Ferrari, the sound of an engine rumbling plays in my mind. These two automotive giant have a bitter history between them, and James Mangold, the director of Walk the Line and Logan is bringing that history to the big screen.

Upon seeing the second trailer, I felt a spark between the acting chemistry of Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Matt is playing Carrol Shelby, an automotive designer and engineer hired by Henry Ford II to defeat Ferrari in the Le Mans endurance Grand Prix.

The Oscar winner method actor Christian Bale is playing Ken Miles, A British racecar driver. Together, they will work to take Ferrari off their perch in the Le Mans 66. For that Shelby, Miles, and their team of engineers will build a new car the, “Ford GT40.”

Ford v Ferrari will be about passion, madness, and speed. I am sure this film will inspire the future generation of automotive engineers to take risks and build a world where worthy men make their dreams come true through hard work, imagination, and dedication.