Foods to Avoid Before Hitting The Gym And Why


Going to the gym is one of the best habits you can acquire. This lifestyle change will do wonders in terms of your health, self-confidence, and focus. One thing you must never forget is those good bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Your health is 20% exercise and 80% of your diet.

Going to the gym involves a list of do’s and don’ts, which also includes some food items that you should avoid. Consumption of these snacks or meals will not help you get that fit body or amazing health.

Fast Food

Do you know that fast food takes atleast four hours to digest? While your body digests junk food, the heart pumps blood to the stomach as your gut is putting extra effort. When you exercise, you need the blood to flow into your muscles. You can now imagine the harrowing effects of eating junk before a workout. In addition, the sodium from junk food will interrupt the balance of bodily fluids.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are nothing but a marketing ploy. They don’t contain much protein but are packed with calories only to make you fat. Protein bars are basically chocolate bars. Eating protein bars before a workout will lower your blood sugar and make you feel more tired. So please don’t eat them.


Sugar only gives you a temporary rush of energy, not the type of energy you need to carry a workout. If you put artificial sweets in your gut, it will reduce the number of good bacterias needed to absorb the nutrients properly. High-carb and sugary food will raise your blood sugar and can cause you nausea and even fainting sensation while working out.


Dairy products like cheese, milk, and cottage cheese are high protein foods. They don’t contain enough energy for you to sustain a workout session. Heavy protein is carried by your blood slower like fats, which will make you feel tired.