Five Soul-Stirring Verses From Udaan


As stated by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu “Cinema is a mirror by which we often see ourselves,” Udaan is a film that echoes with every teen’s world. A motion picture that illustrates the growth of a teen, expelled from the college to become a man who isn’t reluctant of dreaming big. The film that lingers your memory and gives you the hope to live your dreams. This film came with some of the most expressive verses that we’ve seen in a long time, which seized every emotion beautifully.

All the little shreds of memories are scattered on the lawn of stolen moments … I’ve come so far walking on the bare feet … that now I’ve forgotten where I left my shoes … my soles were soft when I came, and they are still weak, and they will remain weak … for as long as the pranks of these bittersweet memories go on tickling them … truly I’ve forgotten where I left my shoes … but now I think I won’t need them

If only you trusted yourself a little bit like me, then you would have come to some distance with me … if only you would have shared the color of my eyes, then you would have come to some distance with me … if only the allure of the sky kissed you, your hope would have found a new life … and to touch my flight in the next life, you would have come some distance with me

He can even eat the covering of the hair’s skin … if he can get it then he will even eat months and years … he can even eat the remaining well-being of someone unwell … he can even eat the sadness of an untimely dying heart … he can eat the son of Lalu, he can eat the guns of Naxalites, he can eat the fun of childhood, he can eat the shawl of old age … leave aside shyness, he can even eat the style of a shameless … and if it’s possible to put it on a plate, he’ll even eat a thought

If you could see beyond the waves, then you would have known what I think … if you would have heard that voice, then you would have known what I think … if the curtain of your stubbornness moves, then you would have seen beyond the window … if you would have moved the eyelids of your habits from your eyes, then you would have known what I think

Chandu’s cycle was just like Chandu…As it moved, it crickered and cranked, just like Chandu. The handle was as light as Chandu’s slender hand. The pedals were as thin as Chandu’s spindle legs. The seat was as broad as Chandu’s huge behind. The carrier was as small as Chandu’s short career…Yet it was Chandu’s true friend. Was always loyal to Chandu…lt took Chandu’s heavyweight with ease. One day the cycle broke down. Seeing a bull charging at him, Chandu dropped it hard. When Monty Mechanic could not save the cycle, Chandu’s father sold it to a scrap dealer. Chandu drowned himself in his books. Like he had an old dream to fulfil. Later, when Chandu grew up, He used his very first salary…And got himself a new cycle…But… But? This cycle too was just like Chandu…lt still cracked and cranked as it moved’s seat was… As broad as Chandu’s huge behind. The carrier was as small… As Chandu’s short career.