First Image Of The Rock As Black Adam Emerge: What To Expect


Black Adam is one of the mightiest villains of the DC universe. He is such a sure thing that DC extended universe is giving the character his movie and Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson; one of the biggest movie stars on the planet will play the role. The Rock has a special bond with his fandom, and people show up to the theatres just because he is cast in any film. He has the constant support of his followers.

The first time I came to know about Black Adam was when I played the DC mobile game ‘Injustice.’ I loved the game, and whenever I played with Black Adam, my victory was almost sure. It is pertinent to know that Black Adam was nominated as the ‘Sixteenth Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.’

Black Adam mostly appears in the story of Shazam and is the arch-nemesis and an ancient predecessor of Shazam from Egypt. The modern-day Shazam is reinvented by writers and is fighting for a purpose to clear his name; I think the movie will be based on this anti-hero concept only.

I am excited to see the arrival of the Rock as Black Adam from the Netherworlds. Hopefully, we will se a fusion of Shazam and Black Adam, that movie will become a money-making machine, I am sure. Those who already know and love Black Adam understand what the future holds and those who will see the movie anew will be in awe of the character and his capabilities.