Feeling Down? Watch Cinderella Man To Lift Your Spirits Up


We’ve all seen the shares of sorrow in our life. What tough times teach us, stay for us the entire lifetime. It’s the great depression era, and people are struggling even to find bread to eat. James J. Braddock, a former successful boxer, is facing poverty with his wife and children. He is trying to find work at the docks, but due to the heavy rate of unemployment, he rarely gets a dime to bring home. He sleeps hungry most of the days; he doesn’t know what to do.

Based on the true-life story of the champion boxer who roused from rags to riches, Cinderella man taught me the struggles and the sheer will of a man to provide for his family. I have seen tough times, the hopelessness, the dark thoughts, and the fear of no change in the fortunes. In the times of the Great Depression, James J. Braddock became a symbol of hope for all those who were in the same boat as him.

The film is not just an inspiring story. It is a technically brilliant movie which was led the great Ron Howard. The movie’s boxing scenes are so engaging that you will grab the edge of your seat and sweat to the unpredictability of the bouts. The art and costume did a great job recreating the era of the 1930s. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards.

If you are ever feeling down or depressed because of the situations or the mistakes you’ve made, take a deep breath, and play Cinderella man. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed. The power of love is so much more than we can understand at an early age. All we need is a seed of will power and discipline, and we can reach to the top. Practice beats talent every time.