Fed Up With Bland Food? Try These High Protein Chaats


If prepared with fine ingredients chaat could be a delicious addition to your daily diet. Dripping with mint chutney, chaat can make anyone fall in love with it. Here I will be posting some healthy alternatives for your chaat obsession which are loaded with fiber and protein.

Oats are rich in fiber and have many health benefits and it includes all the Chaat flavors, a combination of all the crunch, taste so I won’t miss the feeling at all.

Green, kidney beans, chickpeas blended with fresh veggies like cucumber, tomato, carrot, and onion with a hint of lime juice. And, tossed with a fair amount of olive oil with the spread of chaat masala made my mouth slurping it.

Boiled potatoes are browned with three colored pepper (green, yellow, red). Three-color bell peppers give nice distinctive dishes. This is excellent as an afternoon lunch. Or you can follow it as a cocktail side dish.

Whenever I prepare Kala Chana sauce, I boil a little extra Chana and store it in the fridge. So the latter-day I can create this healthful snack — healthy chaat prepared with stewed black chickpeas.

Fruit Chaat with a surprise! I make this Chaat with different portions of pineapple and apples. The pieces are again tossed in salt and roasted to excellence. Grilling is lighter than frying as it encourages you to maintain calories.