Face Cleanser vs Face Wash: What’s The Difference


What is the difference between a face cleanser and a face wash? Should you use both? Well, worry not. I will clear all your doubts today.

A face cleanser is almost lotion-like, which is generally used to remove makeup and dirt from the face. It can be used every day. They do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate and is also suitable for sensitive skin. There are several benefits attached to using a cleanser instead of a face wash to clean your face and these include;

  • They provide hydration
  • They don’t strip the essential oils from the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Gentle on your skin

A face was is similar to liquid soap. When you use paraben and chemical-free face washes, they do no harm. In fact, if you have oily skin, the face wash is your best bet. They remove the excess oil and make sure your face looks fresh.

So, what must you choose?

Dry Skin – Since your skin is already dry, using a face wash will only make it worse. Go for a face cleanser as it is more hydrating.

Normal Skin – You have the luxury to choose either. But, no matter what choose something that is free of any chemicals. This will protect your skin and will not dry it out.

Combination Skin – Face wash is a better option. But go for a mild one. This will not dry out your skin and also take care of the oiliness.

Oily Skin – Use a face wash.

Sensitive skin – Go for a mild face wash or a skin cleanser. This will keep irritation and redness away.