Fabindia Avocado Face Wash Review: Good Or Nah?


Do you have dry skin? Are you looking for something that will keep your skin moisturized and not show signs of crack? Well, winters are going on, and nothing is better than a good face wash to start and finish the day. I often tend to drift towards products that are made of natural ingredients like neem and avocado. Many people have different preferences, but if you are someone with dry skin, then I would recommend you to go for avocado products.

Let’s talk about Fabindia Avocado Face Wash. I have been using this for quite some time and have experienced some positive results, but before that, I would like you to know what the company says about their product.

Product Description: “Get clean and moist skin with Fabindia Avocado Face Wash, enriched with the natural extracts of Avacado which helps to clean the skin surface making skin soft and supple. Fabindia Avocado Face Wash does not dry out the skin, retains the skin moisture. Avacado is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E which is known for moisturizing the skin and reducing the effect of the UVA and UVB radiation from sun exposure.

My Experience: I have been using this face wash for the second time now. I got some amazing results during and after finishing the first one. The product comes in a pista coloured package and lasts up to 10 days. While using it, I didn’t find the face wash to be either thick or a lot creamy. It lathers well and is perfect.

The face wash has an elegant fragrance and it feels good on the skin. Being a product for dry skin users, I found some reasonable difference before and after using the face wash. My skin became less-stretchy and I felt exceptionally great about it. I would ask you to try it once before looking for other products.

Fabindia Avocado Face Wash is perfect for dry skin users though it can be used by people with other skin types as well.