Eyeshadow Makeup Do’s And Dont’s


Have you ever heard that Eye’s don’t lie? Well, that is a matter of fact that beauty lies in the eyes and wearing good makeup enhances your beautiful eyes. If you are not much experienced then a wrong makeup can spoil your entire look.

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Eyes makeup has vast areas to look upon. Then you must be knowing that without eye shadow it is still incomplete. So, here some do’s and don’t you must follow to get a better look.


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  • Before applying your eye shadow your first step must be to use a primer to fill up all the lines. It makes the skin smoother and your eye shadow will last longer naturally.
  • A good makeup tool is highly essential for a better look. Always use light-weighted brushes.
  • The complete knowledge is a good thing, keeping the same thought you must know about the usage of your tool.
  • Hold the brushes from the bottom.
  • Keep a good collection of shades in your palette matching to your tone.
  • Always prefer nude and shiny shades followed by the darker shades.
  • Use matte shades in a circular motion to give a better dimension.
  • Go for a harsh look in terms of your lower lash line to make your eyes even bigger.

Don’ts :

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  • Never use darker shades at first.
  • Don’t go for the heavy makeup brushes.
  • Never apply high contrasting shades in your upper and lower bottom lines.
  • Don’t use too much glittery shade over the entire area.
  • Tap again and again to avoid too much product in your brush at once.
  • Smoothly cover the entire area, without any hassle and pressure.
  • Don’t give the final touch to set up before redefining your eyes through mascara and eyeliner.
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Here are some essential tips for the beginners and non-professionals who are great fond of eye makeup. Hope you will find these tips useful to enhance your makeup skills.