Everything You Need To Know About Traditional Juttis And Mojaris


Traditional juttis and mojaris have been in and out of fashion. It has been a never-ending-cycle. But, over the years, it has been seen that people love them utterly, including me. Accept it or not, they have always been the fashion era. For an evening walk to going to your friend’s home, these juttis and mojaris are the right footwear, and they are comfortable. So if it has been itching your mind to where they came from. Take a look at some of the things that I believe you must know.

From the Mughal ages

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The traditional juttis and mojaris back to the Mughal ages. During that time, the emperor and people used to wear these types of footwear. They were initially called Nagari shoes. Because they look like a boat since the upper part is raised. Jutti is called the pump which is attached to the sole. Initially, when they were prepared, they used to be made exclusively for the king.

How they became famous?

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A lengthy debate has been going on the fact of how they became so famous. The making was exclusively handcrafted and detailed out from the finest of crafts and sources. These pair of juttis are the ones that you will get from the store. The process is straightforward to make. They are made with leather and then heated inside a compartment. Then these traditional juttis and mojaris are crafted with the use of various shards.

Pom poms are even set for these amazing pairs depending on what the people like. These are like the construction of one time, which is done with the finest of design and quality. Starting from your sari or basic kurtis, these amazing juttis and mojaris pair with everything.