Everything You Need To Know About Hard Drinks


As most of us are aware, alcohol is the ingredient found in spirits, beer, wine, etc. that causes intoxication. The kind of liquor in the beverages we consume (I don’t know about, but you know what I am talking about) is a substance called ethanol. To make liquor, things like grains, organic products or vegetables undergo a procedure called fermentation. There are various alcoholic beverages available in the world, and the list is endless.

Numerous individuals are concerned, and more often than not, unaware of the health impacts of liquor. As long as you’re taking sufficient care of your health, you don’t need to keep away from liquor through and through. C’mon chill; I am not from an alcohol brand to promote consumption. Yet, you shouldn’t consume liquor consistently, or too often. Greasy liver, which is a preliminary liver illness caused by alcohol, is prevalent in around 90 percent of individuals who drink in larger quantities and a half to two ounces of liquor in a day. Thus, in the event that you drink that much or more, you presumably have a fatty liver.

But alcohol doesn’t only affect your liver. It affects your health apart from that as well. These facts aren’t very well known. For example, people who drink often are more likely to catch a cold/flu than people who don’t drink, because alcohol consumption weakens a person’s immune system in various ways. Frequent liquor consumption can also pose cancer threats like cancer of the mouth, breast, throat, etc. Alcoholism can often lead to pancreatitis as well, among other things. It may also cause you to develop atrial fibrillation, also known as irregular heartbeats.

I was surprised to know that alcohol has certain beneficial uses as well. Light drinking can prove to avoid mental decline. It may also help raise levels of good cholesterol and even prevent blood clots. This brings us to the debate – to drink or not to drink. As expected, there is no definitive answer to this question yet. They say that excess of anything is bad. So as long as your reasons for consumption aren’t problematic, and you know your limits, light drinking, and infrequent consumption should not be a big issue. However, always consult your doctor for better advice because different bodies react in different ways, and health is subjective! On that note, cheers!

Cheers, or snacks! Whatever you may like. See ya!