Everything We Need To Know About Masks In the Coronavirus Pandemic


Fear can make us delusional and invoke panic. It is my responsibility as a citizen to be aware of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and spread the knowledge in the most lucid way to the best of my abilities. The surge in sales of masks is important, but we need to know the correct way of using and disposing of masks.

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A mask alone cannot protect you from the droplets of the COVID-19 virus. You will need to clean your hands before you put on any mask. Either sanitize your hands or wash them with soap for twenty seconds (You don’t need to keep the tap running for twenty seconds, rub the soap thoroughly). Rinse your hands dry and put on the mask. Make sure the mask is tight, a loose cover means no protection, the virus is microscopic, we must not give any room for it to enter our mouth or nose. Your nose and mouth must be covered when you are wearing the mask.

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It is not compulsory for everyone to have masks on all the time. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, you need to wear masks only if you are coughing or sneezing, taking care of a sick person, or are at the risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

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You must not touch the mask from the front; that’s where the bacteria and virus particles will be trapped, touching the mask will defeat the purpose of your protection entirely. If your mask is wet, immediately dispose of it and sanitize or wash your hands with soap. I would suggest that we do not re-use one time masks.

Now, the final step is how to remove the mask. As I said earlier, please don’t touch the front of the mask, slowly remove it from the back and Either dispose it or keep it in a cool, dry place.