Ever Amazing Gujarati Cuisine


You may have identified Gujarat with famous dishes like Dhokla, Thepla, and Fafda, but there’s further to that to Gujarat cuisine. From mouth-watering sweet dishes sweets, snacks to fried food to follow your pellet here are some tempting food to enjoy whenever you like.


It’s a popular sweet dish from Gujarat. Preferably main course and dessert dish rolled into one. Dominated in rural areas close to Maharashtra and Gujarat flank formed by sweetened condensed milk by boiling it on low heat.


Gota is Gujarat’s Pakoda recipe prepared from fenugreek leaves and gram flour. Deriving from the suburb of Dakor in Gujarat, Gota is a classic Gujarati platter and a particular feast during Holi. Best relished with sauce or a smooth and flavorful chutney produced from dates and tamarind.


This one is a brunch recipe made with multigrain millet and seeds of fenugreek. You can always rely on this for your fibre absorption and will absolutely supply all your needed nutrients.


Gujarat waits for winters to prepare this dish. Hailed as king of Gujarat cuisine is Undhiyu. It is a peculiar winter delicacy made from the choicest of fresh crops easily convenient in winter. Undhiyu is generally served with shrikhand and puris and is a familiar situation during Gujarati weddings.