‘Euphoria’-Style Makeup That Isn’t As Hard As It Looks


2019 was a great year for television. While we saw the end of some truly great shows like The Big Bang Theory, Game and Thrones, and Veep, it was also the beginning of era-defining series like Watchmen, The Witcher and many more.

One show that stood out to both the millennial and GenX crowd was Euphoria. Setting aside the stellar story and the invincible cast, the makeup looks on the show gained momentous attention.

These looks may look hard to follow, but they are quite easy if you have the correct equipment and accessories.

Here are some of the Euphoria looks that you can absolutely pull-off:

#1 The Antichrist Revolution

Kat embodies the antichrist look, as she transcends into her role of being a dominatrix/sex worker. Her look here can be achieved via a simple red shadow and a black overlined lip. Of course, the cross signs are optional.

#2 The Pearly Princess

Maddy is pure love. Out of her many looks, this ranks as the most outstanding. She beads her eye shadow and her hair parting with pearls, available at CVS. You can achieve this by starting small and lining only your under eyes.

#3 Orange Summer Sweetness

Nothing like an orange lace over our lilacs to begin the day. Maddy nails the look with a nude gloss and big hoops, and you can too.

#4 It’s Raining Glitter

The entire theme of Jules’s makeup has been messy and disoriented. To achieve this look, all you have to do is to get a bold eye shadow and splash glitter all over it.

#5 Chained Like A Bow

The heavy theme of eye makeup that Maddy rocks is to go crazy over accessories while rocking a soft bed underneath. Like here, all you need is a chain light enough to place over your eye lid.

I truly love these ladies. Can’t wait for season 2. Here’s a bonus look, because I love Lexi the most.

Toodles for now.