Essential Product Types Every Guy Should Have (Skin Care and Hair)


You may not be a “cosmetics junkie,” but certain skin and hair care products are must to every man’s well-stocked cabinet. Here’s a glimpse at what you require – and why you need them.

Gentlemen, it’s time to quit using a block of soap on your face and pick up a man’s face wash. Not only is your bar of soap not designed for your face, but it’s also drying out your skin, which can lead to breakouts.

The lip balm has no gender. Also, it is an acknowledged fact that no one prefers to kiss a pair of chapped lips. So, what can you do? Well, use a lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.

Face scrub for men should be gentle enough to avert tearing the skin, but solid enough to rub away dead skin cells. Once the old coat of skin is gone, you can reveal the new skin cells underneath for a livelier look.

Mainly a list of recommended hair products for men is shorter than that for skincare products – but no less. It includes shampoo, conditioner (if the hair is dry) and hairstyling product.

Indian skin is apt to sunburns, and the sole way to offer safety is to remain indoors. While our professional endeavours can never give permanent seclusion, one can resort to covering a suitable sunscreen to limit the adverse effects of sun-exposure at bay.

Concealer helps to save you in times of crises whether it’s a hickey on your neck that needs to hide before an official meeting or a pimple on the face right before date night or even dark circles!