Essential Chakhnas That Pair Best With Beer


Beer has a bona fide stand for those evenings when you need to put your feet up, call some dear buddies over, pack into a never-fail playlist. We recommend a few snacks to accompany those evenings and maintain the beer buzz alive.

Masala papad is extraordinarily economical and remarkably delicious. Stuffed with chopped nuts, onions, tomatoes and coriander – it does for a beautiful accompaniment with sparkling beer.

From Hara Bhara to spicy Mutton Seekh to melting Galauti, a diverse kebab plate has something for everybody. The spicy hints of classical flavours are a proper complement for beer’s crisp tartness.

Undoubtedly the national Indian chakna has to be Tandoori chicken – with its roasted goodness, mint chutney and crispy onion rings. Further, there are diverse kinds of roasted poultry – Achaari Chicken, Afghani Chicken, and whatnot.

Cheesy and Spicy builds the base for a beer connoisseur’s table. You can likewise add olives or ground meat and peppers to generate more taste. A simple cheese toast is like a canvas, so feel free to perform!

Roasted, spice painted or tossed with onion and a pinch of lemon. Peanuts let beer hold center stage while happily keeping your palette just sharp enough to ward off the beer from growing too dull.