Eccentric vs Concentric vs Isometric Exercises- How are they different?


Eccentric, concentric, and isometric exercises are completely different than each other. It depends on how you are training your muscles and on what end. It helps in training each of your muscle to gain a different benefit, which you might not know. For example, take for instance as deadlift. It is one true muscular training exercise which is concentrated on the hips, our glutes, the back and the calves. It depends on what type of content training you are having and depending onto the same, you can try to build your muscle.

What is concentric exercising?

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These are the type of exercises that are focussed on one muscle or the contract and its release in order to create tension on the muscle fibre and tissue. This means that you are concentrating on one end of a muscle. Bicep curl is a good example of this type of training. When you are curling with weights, then there is only one part of your target muscle which is hit.

What is eccentric training?

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It is the lengthening of your muscle fibre. This type of training can be really good if you are looking to bulk or gain. It can be done especially when you are lowering the weight down on your hip level. The whole exercise is concentrated on a stretch of muscle rather than being drifted to one, core part only.

What is isometric training?

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Much as the concentric training, isometric training means that you are holding one part of your muscle, using it for the shortening or the lengthening, depending on what you need to target. This type of exercise is really functional especially if you are looking to hit your target your muscle. High plank, pushups are examples of isometric training.

Which is better?

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The main problem is to understand what is better for you. Some might say that isometric training is better than the others but some may say to target your core muscle or one form if you can. It is better that you understand your own body and workout in the specified way if you want.