Eating a Healthy Amount of Food Can Keep You Young


I am sorry to break this to you at this lovely hour, but the clock is ticking on all of us, and we really are getting old. 

And so, we don’t have the luxury of being reckless towards our bodies. One of the biggest things that we can do at any given moment is to maintain our health. The best day to improve your diet was five years ago, the second-best day is now. 

Want to keep those givings of youth ness alive? Well, improve your diet. 

Don’t believe me? Well here’s my argument.

Kitchen is the battleground of anti-ageing and food is the only thing that touches the insides of your body. On research conducted two groups of mice, one group ate unlimited food and the other had restricted access. 

The one with restricted access lived longer. 

The theory is, when you give your cells a room to relax, they begin rebuilding themselves. With the abundance of food, are cells keep pushing each other to observe and store food. 

And that is why the craze of Intermittent Fasting caught up with the public so quickly. As people maintained distance from their food, they started feeling better. 

I am on my fourth week of intermittent fasting and not only have I lost 8 kgs, but I can also focus better now. So give it a try.

Good luck, girl. Toodles for now.