Eat Wisely To Be Healthy In Monsoons


Monsoon is the season when diseases are at an all-time high. Some of these things happen because of unhygienic food and water consumption. If you evade this, you can inhibit several conditions. Here are a few kinds of foodstuffs that are best avoided during the monsoon.

Avoid leafy vegetables as they are spread in marshlands and are not stored hygienically before they arrive at your household. Insects love to refuge on spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower either go for pungent vegetables. Make certain all greens are entirely washed and cooked well.

Fresh juices from local vendors: Anything served or reserved in the receptive environment during the wet period is greatly infected and exposed to virulent diseases. Thus, one should avoid drinking fresh drinks from local vendors and resort to either packed juices or drinks composed of home set curd.

Fried food is one of the food items you should completely avoid this wet period. The highly humid monsoon weather causes gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset. So as tempting as they look, avoid relishing that spread of pakoras, samosas, and kachori.

Seafood monsoon is the breeding period for fish and prawns, so it is best to avoid them. Stick to poultry and mutton to indulge your craving for the non-vegetarian meal. However, if it is requisite to have seafood, make certain you only devour the freshest variety of it, taking extra care to cook them well. 

The last in our post, ultimately the most necessary of all is contaminated water. Monsoon diseases are mostly waterborne, hence the alert. Always ensure that your water should either be purified or boiled. Ice from non-distilled water, kulfis, and ice lollies should be totally averted.