Drinking Tea Can Reduce The Risk of Heart Disease And Stroke


Tea is not just a beverage. It’s way more than just that. It is that satisfying feeling a person gets when he takes a sip of that hot flavoured traditional drink. At times, all a person needs after a long good night nap or a tiring day at work is a refreshing cup of tea. But not a lot of people know the health benefits of the drink than the ones who consume it.

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Many kinds of research and studies have been done to understand the physical benefits of tea. According to the researchers, green tea or black tea helps in the improvement of cardiovascular health. A cup a day can keep your heart-healthy and secure.

Studies show that teas contain these chemicals called polyphenols organic chemicals that make tea a healthy drink. These chemicals are found in flowering plants and hence tea’s seeds contain them. Although the benefits of tea may differ within its types.

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Green tea is healthier than black tea even though both the beverages contain polyphenol chemicals but in different amount.

A Meta-analysis done in 2011 shows that green tea lowers the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels which helps in restoration of the heart’s health. So, it is indeed rightly said that drinking tea can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Tea is one of the go-to drinks that is consumed in India. I have been drinking tea for a long time and have seen visible changes. It is not that I have experienced some life-changing benefits, but there are certain moments where I enjoyed sipping a cup of tea more than anything else. If you are also one of the tea lovers, then I am sure these benefits of some different tea types will help you understand and take advantage of your drink better.