Dracula Miniseries From Sherlock Creators Is Coming Soon On BBC


BBC’s Sherlock; the modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes detective novels caused a wave of success. Thanks to the brilliant team that collectively achieved something unprecedented. Unpredictable twists, a compelling train of thought, and the deduction. This should be Sherlock Holmes’s twitter bio. Now that team lead by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss is bringing the famous story of Dracula and his battle with Van Helsing in a miniseries.

The filming of the show is complete, and it is in the post-production stage. An exciting event happened at the shooting wrap; a bat flew on the set right before the last shot; such coincidence makes me believe in the power of omens.

Dracula has always been a people favourite adaptation. There is something about the evil vampire that still draws an audience. With the touch of these brilliant gentlemen (Moffat and Gatiss), I am sure the BBC will create something remarkable and exciting. To me, it is an excellent decision by the studio to let the dua create a horror series. Remember ‘the hounds of Baskerville’ and Sherlock New Year’s special episode? Those episodes gave me the chills. My reference to these episodes implies that the duo has a great vision to induce horror.

The trailer is scary and gritty, shows a glimpse of the new Dracula who’s eyes are tempted for blood. The show is expected to release in either December 2019 or January 2020. I think the BBC will give a scary gift on this New Year’s to its viewers.