Don’t Want to Look Like a Raccoon? Smokey Eye Blunders You Need To Stop Doing


Well, you know precisely how a Raccoon looks like, right? I would have loved to add a picture of one of those here, but then you might just be extremely disappointed before I tell you not to. When smokey eyes are a bit overdone or maybe underdone, one looks like a raccoon or its baby. So is it this hard to get a perfect pair of smokey eyes? Not really. Just follow the below-given tips, and you are sure to get the perfect smokey eyes.

The base is always the case-

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Applying a base of a primer or a foundation before any makeup is of utmost importance. When you do not use a primer, at the end of your makeup, you’ll get a cracked skin with unfinished textures.

Do not smudge the smudged look-

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Smokey eyes are in itself a bit smudgy and imperfect. Those are done with several shades and layers of shadows. Hence, overdoing your smokey eyes or maybe applying inappropriate layers may make it look fearful.

Choose the right product-

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Choose the right kind of eyeliner and kajal for your smokey eye look. Avoid using too much kohl kajal as it a hoax belief that it makes your eyes look big. Use kohl in the outer rims of your eye and don’t just use it for every detailing.

Wear that attitude-

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Your eyes speak a thousand words and are the best representation of who you are. Take that confident expression and slay the world.