Does It Make A Difference If You Get Your Protein From Plants or Animals?


It is a battle of beliefs. Today, the world is divided into two halves when it comes to food consumption. There is this large group that believes animal consumption is important and can not be replaced. On the other hand, is this group which believes there is no need to kill animals when we can fulfill all our daily dietary requirements consuming plant-based foods.

Animal vs. plant protein: What is the difference and which is best?

Not the purpose of this article is not to prove one or the other group as wrong. We will just put some facts in front of you and leave it on you to choose an option that suits your needs. Have a read!

Animal based protein-

The positive news for the animal-based protein lovers is that this is considered as ‘complete protein’. To put things in perspective, I must tell that the human body requires 20 types of amino acids out of which nine essential amino acids are to be sourced from outside. At the same time, the remaining 11 are made naturally by the body itself. Animal proteins contain all of these nine and hence are called complete.

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Moreover, they allegedly provide a greater concentration of protein and help in muscle repair and growth. On a downside, animal proteins come packed with a lot many calories and fat. Also, a few people do not do well with animal protein digestion.

Plant based protein-

They mostly are ‘incomplete protein’ sources as most sources lack one or two amino acids. Soy and quinoa are two exceptions to this and these two are a complete protein. The things with plant protein are that they also contain phytochemicals—bioactive compounds including flavonoids, carotenoids, and polyphenols that help fight against diseases like cancer.

15 best plant-based protein foods

Plus, if you consume a different variety of plant proteins in a day, chances are that all your amino acid requirements will be fulfilled, in addition to the benefits of other nutrients.

So the choice now is yours.