Doctor Sleep Review: Surprisingly Better Than Expected


I have to accept; I felt this would be another bland horror flick. My original reaction was being another failed sequel. I was predicting a poorly implemented remake! Well, how mistaken I was. The film itself was an accomplished triumph! 

Mike Flanagan arrived with, “The Haunting of Hill House” and he doesn’t fail here. This is a must-see for horror fans. An adaptation can be an endless task and are quasi successful. Sensational work by Flanagan and the entire management is beautifully constructed. The music is appalling. The narrative involves the spectator inside the mental torture. Ewan is breathtaking injecting trauma into while Rebecca is straight out creepy. 

I absolutely enjoyed the last hr of the film more than any of the other parts, primarily because of the establishments of affairs that brought to the arrival of Overlook. What really stood out to me was how it measured up both former and present experiences into one final act, the dwelling of fragments, memories, and sentimental reminiscences. 

I couldn’t cease speculating about it thereafter; asking and dealing with questions, how it all gathered so closely. It comes out as the fascination of the motion picture has undeniably taken its toll!