Do You Really Need An International Driving Permit? We Have The Answer!


Traveling in countries you have never been to is fun, what is even more exciting is being able to drive wherever you visit. It opens a whole new door for you and your companions to explore. But do you need an International driving permit? Well, unfortunately, you do. There are as many as 140 countries around the world that require you to carry an International driving permit to be able to hire cars. 

But again, no rule fits all. If you are a UK citizen, driving within Europe, you do not require an International driving license. Your local license works but if you reside in the United States of America, then you would need an International license to drive in other nations. 

While these largely apply to citizens of other countries, Indians, however, are advised to issue an International permit to drive in another country. The process of it is fairly easy, you need to pay 500 rupees for a permit which the nearest RTO will provide you with. You can get an International Driving License only if you already have a valid license. 

If you are one of those who seek cheap thrills, do not play with other countries law and order by driving without an International Driving License, it is considered a criminal offense and you do not want that to reflect badly on you as a traveler and much worse even get deported and added to a blacklist. Driving is fun and it should be done with a stress-free mind, enjoying the bends and pristine roads of other countries as opposed to the craters that sadly freckle our poorly built roads. 

So, the next time you decide to travel to a beautiful destination, consider getting a permit because cruising through the countryside of Europe sounds like once in a lifetime opportunity!