Do Moisturizers With SPF Really Protect You From Sun Damage?


I see almost every other moisturizer in the market that claims to protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. When I learned about what the role of sunscreen is and its efficiency, I felt confused and cheated. As the name suggests sunscreen does not penetrate our skin, it forms a layer (Screen) on the skin surface to protect us from the harmful UV rays. On the opposite, moisturizers are absorbed by our skin providing moisture and added nutrients. The question remains how can the said SPF protect us if it is not making a screen?

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When the sunscreen is exposed in air and light, its efficiency diminishes. If you are in an extremely warm area, you will need to re-apply the sunscreen in every hour and a half. That’s not the case with moisturizers, we apply it once or twice a day. After more research and deduction, I understood that moisturizers don’t dive deep enough in our skin to hinder the SPF form a layer.

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Experts don’t have similar opinions on the use of SPF as an ingredient in moisturizers. Some say it should not be added, while some have a lenient view. If you are not exposed to scorching temperatures, the SPF in your moisturizer will protect your skin only to a certain extent.

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In conclusion, do not fool yourself at the beach that you are safe from those UV rays if you have not put on a strong sunscreen. Apply the moisturizer first, wait for a few minutes and then spread the sunscreen, these SPF moisturizers won’t help you in extreme temperatures. You will need an SPF 30 or more in these levels of exposure to the sun.