DIY Rose Water: How To Make Rose Water At Home


From Queen Cleopatra to your roommate, rose water has healed all kinds of skin.

The benefits of rose water date back to centuries. For generations, people have utilized the water derived from roses to enhance our skin and clear blemishes.

The secret: Rosewater maintains the skin’s pH balance by controlling excess oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce irritation and acne. The bonus is its antibacterial properties which help in healing scars, wounds, and pimple marks.

It’s valid to not trust commercial brands, as those products are prone to pollution. So, here’s a hassle-free way to make rose water at home.

Step 1: Simmer the rose petals in a bowl of fresh and distilled water.

Products needed: 7-8 roses and about 1.5 liters of distilled water

Step 2: Remove all the petals, wash them lightly with water(lukewarm) and put them large pot.

Pour distilled water over the leaves and let it simmer over gas on low heat, until the petals lose all its color.

Step 3: Strain the liquid and store it in a jar.

And voila, it is ready to use.

Hope this helps. Toodles for now!