Upon Fitbit Versa debut it filled people with hope who prefered phone notifications but cared for fitness as well. After compromising major factors, Versa didn’t deliver excellence in both of the aspects. The version is better smartwatch than ever predecessor, with integration from Spotify and Alexa and inclusion of AMOLED screen.

The company takes everything from the original budget watch, upgrades with compelling features, include some budget voice over the assistant, and brings out a perfect wellness tracker that comes with some better functionality of the smartwatch. Although it is the best smartwatch watch from the brand, the absence of GPS features speaks out loud; you need your phone everywhere you travel.

In comparison with infamous Apple Watch, you have the feature of built-in sleeping tracker that’s good inclusion, with compatibility across every platform but sighs for lack of GPS. 

Battery backup has relatively improved, and easy-to-workout of your fitness modules sleep tracking in the phone app, and you have a wide selection of clock models. This model is more responsive and faster than the original watch. 

In conclusion, the Fitbit Versa 2 is an enthralling upgrade over its past models but with struggling connectivity issue and lack of GPS hinders it to be a dependable smartwatch.