Different Coffee Types You Should Definitely Taste


When you’re sipping coffee, what counts most is how it feels and smells. That being told, everybody has their favourite order–perhaps a latte, cappuccino, or maybe a long black. Though, I have seen people who don’t know the difference between the type of beverage they order. This article will illustrate the characteristics of basic caffeine-based drinks and how they’re prepared.


Possibly the most ubiquitous type of coffee in the world, a cappuccino comprises three layers (a kind of like a cake). First is a shot of espresso, then a shot of steamed milk, and finally the barista adds a layer of frothed, foamy milk. 


To prepare an espresso, shoot boiling water under excessive pressure through finely-ground coffee beans and then pour into a tiny mug. Espresso is the finest coffee experience you can get.

Irish Coffee

Too many of these and you might have just to crash here because they brew this type of coffee with whiskey, sugar, and a heavy coat of cream on the top. Be advised that trying to perform this with scotch and instant coffee doesn’t work… Trust me.

Café Latte (or Café au lait)

A reasonably popular preference for coffee drinkers, a latte comprises steamed milk and a single shot of coffee, and it is generally frothy.


A ‘mocha’ is just a latte with extra chocolate powder or syrup and occasionally being led with whipped cream.