Did Narcos Made Netflix Famous In India?


I remember watching the chronicles of Pablo Escobar. I couldn’t believe my eyes, that a man can become so powerful doing something so unethical and monstrous. I mean blowing up a whole court to get evidence against him erased, and crashing a plane to target just one man? That’s preposterous.

The intro song and the quote on magical realism were enough for me to binge-watch the show. Some friends of mine suggested me to come on Netflix to see this very show; it was ‘Plata o plomo’ (Silver or lead) for me. I asked for his password and watched the show. Soon enough, the whole country was talking about the brilliance of Narcos. While we watched Narcos, we explored a bit of Netflix, and we were hitched.

WAGNER MOURA stars in NARCOS. NARCOS S01E03 “The Men of Always”

Every once in awhile in the life of a platform, a product comes that makes the platform famous not the other way around. Narcos was that product for Netflix. Was it the only good thing on Netflix? Hell no, but it was a gateway for all of us to see more and more brilliant shows.

Stranger Things was the second show that sealed the deal for Netflix in India. A band of kids trying to fight off monsters from another dimension, shut up and take my money. The rise and fall of Pablo Escobar portrayed by Magnor Moura were so convincing that we couldn’t help but become die-hard fans of the show. So yes, it was Narcos that made Netflix viral in India, we are thankful that the series is still going strong.