Diabetes Symptoms That Are Only Found In Women


I know a lot of people who have diabetes. I wondered what causes it and what are the symptoms, this is what I learned. Diabetes is a metabolic category of disorders in which a person has high blood sugar leading to insulin medication complications. It is likely that diabetes impacts people of all ages, races or genders. It can affect people in every way of life.

The death rate for women is higher, but there was a change in type 2 diabetes sexual distribution among males. The results demonstrate the multiple impacts of diabetes on women and men. The reasons for this include:

1.Females are often screened less for cardiovascular risk and diabetes-related conditions.

2. It is more difficult to diagnose any diabetes problems in women.

3. Women frequently have heart disease of different kinds than people.

4. Hormones and toxic impact of women differently



Candida fungus may cause a vaginal yeast infection, oral yeast infection, and vaginal thrush through excess yeast production. Infections in women are normal. When inflammation occurs in the vaginal area, it can lead to the development of excruciating sexual yeast, which often induces a white coating in the tongue and lips, as a consequence of burning vaginal soreness. The development of fungi is caused by high amounts of glucose in the blood.


For women with diabetes, the chance of urinary tract (UTI) infection is greater. Once microbes join the urinary tract, they establish UTIs. Such infections may cause bleeding or blurry urine unpleasant micro-urination feeling If the symptoms do not get treated, there is a chance of kidney infection. For women with diabetes, UTIs are frequent mainly due to hyperglycemia that weakens the immune system.


The high blood pressure destroys the nerve fibres triggers diabetic neuropathy. Throughout different parts of the body, it can contribute to tingling and weakness, including hands and legs. This can also affect the feeling in the vagina and that the sex drive of an individual.


Such disease arises when an individual becomes predisposed to PCOS, releasing more male hormones. Symptoms of PCOS include: frequent weight increasing weight cycles PCOS may also result in a form of insulin resistance resulting in elevated blood sugar levels and an increased risk of diabetes progression.

A range of medicines, changes in lifestyle and alternative medicines can contribute to the management of symptoms and improve overall health. Consult your doctor even if you feel that they are safe before starting any new treatments.