Delhi Shows Humanity Amid Political Violence


The biggest news these days was supposed to be the arrival of Donal Trump and the trade deals that happened between India and America. But, politicals issues have a tendency for violent theatrics. Both anti and pro CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) groups indulged in violent activities, which turned into riots that involved loot, destruction of public properties, stone pelting, and hurling Molotov cocktails. A total of thirty-six people lost their lives. Government servants and policemen were brutally murdered by angry mobs. This is what we have reduced to? The nation that built its identity from peace is burning because of hate politics.

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All the prominent news channels are only showing how and where the riots took place. I am not shocked by their approach, riots bring TRP to these channels so why would they do bad business and show the news that brings peace. If the religion of the culprit’s matter then the religion of saviours should matter too. Delhi showed great heart amid the dangerous environment. Gurudwaras opened for Muslims seeking Shelter. Muslims protected temples from getting destroyed, In Seelampur, Hindus blocked roads leading to Muslim neighbourhoods, and there are so many similar gestures by both Hindus and Muslims, which were not televised by Prominent news channels.

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Such efforts from communities told me something vital for the harmony of our nation. Learned civilians don’t have hate in their hearts and no matter the politics of hate, India will rise in solidarity.

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Violence is the way of the insecure to assert dominance because they don’t have reason to support their claims or demands. Extremists are being manipulated by their leaders to take an eye for an eye, but Bapu himself said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”