De Vivre Scalp Care Shampoo Review


I had dandruff issues since teenage, maybe its because the water supply at my house is of hard water. I can’t change the water, and water softening tools are way out of reach for my pocket, but I can take care of my hair, make them stronger.

I found the De Vivre Scalp Care Shampoo. It was a suggestion from a friend, who had dandruff issues too. I agreed to try it, what could go wrong?

The De Vivre Scalp Care Shampoo comes in a plastic bottle with a cap that allows a little flow of the shampoo. It’s a good packaging idea considering you won’t waste much of the shampoo. To use the shampoo, I damp my hair in lukewarm water; then I apply the necessary amount of shampoo on my scalp and massage for one minute. I let it sit for a few more minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

I could see the difference in two weeks. The itching and flaking of my skin stopped. Hair fall due to dandruff reduced significantly. Dandruff on my scalp was reduced considerably. At first, I used the shampoo daily, and then I switched it to three days a week. The De Vivre Scalp Care Shampoo is free from paraben, which is a very harmful chemical in long term usage.

If you have a dandruff problem and your other shampoos are not helping you. It is my humble request that you try the De Vivre Scalp Care Shampoo. You won’t be disappointed.