DC’s Flash Movie Is Still Called Flashpoint But Will It Be Similar To Comics?


Ever since it was announced that DC Comics is developing a movie on superhero Flash aka Barry Allen, fans all around the globe looked for what will be the storyline. Later, it was revealed that the movie will be called Flashpoint and that’s when things changed. I’ve been a comic nerd and especially of DC Comics and Marvel’s X-Men franchise. And, most of us know that Flashpoint is one of the well-known comics. Many fans speculated that the movie will follow the same story as in comics, but now, things are getting unwrapped, and we have some answers. Let’s discuss.

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Flash is expected to release in 2022 as it has been already announced. The role of Barry Allen will most definitely be reprised by Ezra Miller, who portrayed the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The movie will be directed by It and It: Chapter 2 director Andrés Muschietti.

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Recently, during That Hashtag Show, the director confirmed that he is still looking forward to this movie and will be released as per the schedule. Andres also confirmed that the film will be a “different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.” This is something that might’ve disheartened some comics like me, but there’s nothing to worry about. The equation of traditional story being ruled out is quite obvious. Flashpoint will still have elements from the comic storyline that disrupted the comic industry after its release.

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The story of Flashpoint comics is quite extraordinary and it has already been depicted in an animated film. And, that story needs a lot of crossovers, which I don’t think would happen, otherwise, this film would become a lot similar to Captain America: Civil War.

For now, it is hard to tell the final product, but as mentioned by Andrés Muschietti, the film will not follow the exact Flashpoint story. But, it is predicted to have elements from the comics of the same name.