Dark Waters Will Show Us The True Face Of Evil Corporate Companies


Robert Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) is a successful corporate lawyer. He has the perfect family, the ideal job, and he is good at it. It all came crumbling down when a farmer comes to him for help. Robert Bilott founds out that one of his client companies DuPont may be poisoning water.

He discovers that a farmer lost his 190 cows after drinking the water which came from the river in his hometown. Robert Bilott looks deep into the matter and learns mind-numbing secrets about DuPont, which links them to mysterious deaths of people for over forty years by knowingly dumping the poisonous chemicals into their drinking water.

DuPont has leverage over the government; also, they were hiding this dark secret in plain sight. Billot decides to fight against them, and he knows that they will come for him with all their might, he may even lose his life.

Based on true events, the chilling first trailer convinced me to watch the movie as soon as it hit the theatres. Money is the root of all evil, and even the devil will have to pay the dues in the court. Mark Ruffalo looks convincing enough for an Oscar nomination this year. For those who seek the truth, Dark Waters is a must-watch.