Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss That You Should Know About


Ever set a target to achieve your fitness goal within the set period? Been wondering about the possibilities of achieving weight loss rapidly? Lose 10 kgs in two months or lose three kgs in just seven days! Do these statements ever arouse curiosity in your easily influenced mind? Getting under the influence of health advertisement, many enthusiasts fail to understand the dire effects of this rapid weight loss can affect them in the long run.

Are they correct way to do it?

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According to researchers, many studies show that almost two-thirds of the population that engaged in massive weight loss techniques gained more than what they expected to lose. It might be a possibility that you are missing out on several nutrients while following your ultimate weight loss schedule.

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Keeping up with this, the body will eventually become a storehouse of many diseases that will affect the immune system in the short run. Being short on many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins D, C, B12, and many more will make the body restless and would start the effects of hallucinations and dizziness. If following a dairy-free diet, you will miss out on a lot of calcium that will make your bones brittle and easy to penetrate by the outside factors.

Getting to work on the metabolism rate.

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Dealing with such a prospect, always pay due attention to your metabolism rate. It will get slowed down if, body in a longer run, stays in this starvation mode. As a result, the body mechanism will hold on to existing elementary fat in the structure, which again ultimately is disturbing your growth cycle. Even if you start seeing any progress, mind the difference between muscles and fats. You might be losing muscles instead of fats and believe me that is not what you desired for.

Rapid weight loss is truly bad.

In short, many more gruesome effects of rapid weight loss have come out in the light in recent years. Dehydration, low leptin levels, weak mental health, and many more related symptoms have been looked upon. Therefore, having slow, stable progress is better than unstabilized progress because we all know slow and steady surely wins the race one day!