Dalhousie Is Nature’s Gift To Humanity


Imagine A sheet of verdure, Pine and Oak trees, pure rivers flowing like they are coming straight from heavens. If you want this image to become a reality, You’ve got to visit Dalhousie. Located in the Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is spread over five hills.

I was visiting a friend of mine in Pathankot, Punjab when he suddenly uttered to me lets go to Dalhousie, I resented a little at first, but then I said, let’s do this. We stayed there for two days, and these are places I would recommend everyone to see.


Khajjiar is often called as mini Switzerland in India, and when I visited the location, it was apparent why. It is quite a small place, but the lakes and the forests look like we are inside Narnia, living a fantasy tale. There is a nine-hole Golf Course in Khajjiar if you want to play a few holes.

Satdhara Falls

Satdhara falls is the collection of water from seven springs. I had only seen such a beautiful waterfall. The serene waters take a steep dive at 2000M at the Satdhara falls. If you stand close to the falls, you will experience the spray of water on you. You will feel the noise of the falls in your ears, but I think it is a joyful experience.


Panchpula is a collection of water of five streams at Dalhousie. It is a favorite picnic and trekking spot for Dalhousie locals. The water stream comes from the Dain Kund. The best time to visit Panchpula is in the monsoon season.

Dainkund Peak

At the height of 2700M, stands the Dainkund Peak. It is also known as the singing hills. If you are climbing in summer or monsoon, you will see a beautiful valley of flowers amid your way. Winter brings such a beautiful view at the top that you will gasp at the sight. Pholani Devi temple is a must-visit in the area, or you can sit and enjoy the view at the Khajjiar Lake.