Creative Ways To Turn Souvenirs Into Home Decor


Some souvenirs are close to heart and you don’t want to let them go at any cost. I have a lot of items that I collect and some that I want to. I have created several different ways to store them. Now, I know many of you might also have some cool souvenirs that you want to keep forever. To do this, it is quite essential to keep them secured. If you are looking for ideas, then here are some innovative ways through which we can change our home decor.

Float Frames
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An elegant alternative to a shadow box or a standard frame is to get a rotating frame for the images of your book. This can include the typical float paddles where objects are sandwiched between two glass pans (for example, ideal for commemorating foreign exchange travel abroad) and float paddles where wire, rope, or rails are hung over an empty frame.

Mason Jars
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While the famous hanging mason jar DIY system is used in the past to store noodles and bolts, spices and dried food, it also can be a lovely and eclectic way of presenting your life’s souvenirs and chocks.

One idea common is to make memory jars after holidays and place all sorts of tokens into a bottle, but you can fill a jar with your guitar picks or LEGO minifigs as easily as you can.


It is as fast and simple to pin things to a corkboard, but that doesn’t mean it has to look basic. With some designs, the background can easily be extended, like many choices shown here. Optionally, you can tap the board into something with an unique and homemade look, using some fabric and some unique thumbtacks.

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The box can be loosely filled with many items, such as children’s toys, or several things like toy car illustration can be placed on a back-up board. You may arrange them, glute them on a backing board with mostly flat stubs, wristbands or lanyard pins, and label the collage, such as this The Sorry Girls series.


There are many commercially available showcase tables of items of every type, but you can also make yourselves quite easily as this guide explains. The IKEA LIATORP Collaboration features many glass tops as well as the coffee and finishing tables.