Coorg: Scotland Of India


The hill station of Coorg, in the state of Karnataka, is one of the most famous destinations in India. The landscape of the place is magnificent; the vast spans of coffee estates, the splendid mountain stretches, and the exotic vegetations allure a wide variety of tourists. I have some reasons why you should be aiming a stumble to Coorg.

Coorg is one of the largest producers of caffeine in the country. Coorg’s coffee is renowned for its blue color, fresh beans, and fine liquoring qualities which creates it a sought-after all over the world. In season, the whole place retains the fresh smell of a coffee shop.

The district with its undulating ridges, waterfalls and evergreen shola forests is optimal for avid trekkers the view is divergent and breathtakingly lovely. Thadiyandamol, Iruppu falls, Galibeedu to Subramania, Brahmagiri are some famous passages. The territory also has many camping spots, while some of them are thoroughly established in individual lands there are many forest sites too.

The forest cover in Coorg is a permit for several birds and animal species. Also, there are three forest preserves and one national forest in Coorg. The Pushpagiri forest preserves in the north are one of the most significant bird reserves in India. Nagarhole National Park is home to the Asian elephant and the majestic Tiger. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers can employ professional benefits of environmentalists and conservationists who can take you on guided traveling through the forest preserves.

Bylakuppe is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India, which is developed across fields and is subdivided into several encampments, illuminated with stupas, prayer flags, and monasteries of numerous Tibetan Buddhist faiths. One would remain awestruck by the significant figures of Padmasambhava, Amitayus, and Buddha. Relish in the numerous Tibetan delicacies and do not skip to look at your hands on a prayer flag as a souvenir.