Condiments That You Should Avoid At All Costs


Do you know what a condiment is? Well, they are a mixture of food which comes from dairy. You need to prevent the use of herbs right now. Sauces are harmful to you, and they can cause you a lot of damage. 

Here are the top toxic Condiments that you should always avoid.


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Condiments can be toxic, and Mayonnaise is one of them. Having them all the time can be tough for you. It is loaded with fats. All the wrong kinds of fats are there and in the right way there. 

Sour Cream:

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Are you are a Condiment fanatic? Then you might include the sour cream in your diet all the time. You need to stop right now if you are overdoing it. Well, this Condiment is terrible for you since it contains a lot of creams and loaded with various types of fats as well.


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Stop having salsa all the time. It is a slow killer. You might not like your sandwich all the time without the ketchup, but you have to scope out for an alternative. Choose something perfect for you and in the best way that there is.

Barbeque Sauce:

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Condiments are wrong, and this is the worst for you. If you have bbq sauce all the time, then it can be really harmful to you. This Condiment harms your body and sources out the wrong thing. It is really bad for you to have it on the right try. 

These Condiments are bad for you. Consuming them every day is toxic, as well. So you need to stop right now and ponder on your lifestyle. Are you keeping it healthy? Well, if you are not, then you need to stop it. Condiments are wrong, and it should be healthy for you if you stop eating them cold turkey.