Clogged, Congested Skin? This Is How You Prevent It


Congested skin is something where the pores are clogged. And, it is only a matter of time, when your blocked pores turn into acne. Even if you don’t suffer from hyperpigmentation or acne, you can have congested skin. It is a clogged skin where the pores of your skin are not breathing fine. It appears thick and dull. This type of congested skin is known as the rhino’s skin. It is something that can be bad on the look that you have.

What causes it?

Congested skin is caused by the following:

  1. You are scrubbing all your skin. This means that excessive scrubbing your skin can cause a lot of problems for you. This can leave your skin to be harsh.
  2. You are not moisturizing your skin, and this can leave congested skin. It is caused by the use of crowded nature if your skin won’t have enough moisture.
  3. There are dead skin cells left on your skin, and this is what causes congested skin. It can be the one thing to blame for your acne.
  4. You are not using a good skin regime for your congested skin. This can cause it to become thick and dull in nature.
  5. You are always washing your skin with the round soap bars. It is something that you need to take care of and in the right way.
  6. Congested skin can be caused if you don’t use the essential oils in your skin, as well. 

It can make you look older!

The one thing about congested skin is that it can make you look older. You will look like 40 years old in your 20s. And it takes a matter of time for your congested skin to turn into acne. It is better that you treat your skin now so that it can lead you to something better in the future.